Odyssey, the latest collection by designer Geoffrey Mac, reflects an epic journey of self-discovery. By overcoming personal losses, celebrating triumphs, and learning to appreciate the full spectrum of the journey, Geoffrey has forged a new path. The collection is a representation of personal choices, pathways, and protection.

Geoffrey designed with accessibility in mind, giving a little something for everyone. "Living life free to make your own choices and be the most confident version of yourself is crucial" says Mac. Geoffrey's collection conveys the ideology that no one should ever be ashamed of their outward or inner appearance, regardless of their identity or beliefs.

Inspiration for the collection came from the sex-positive side of the LGBTQ community, with a nod to fetish. Until now, Jocks (which are a staple in the gay community) have largely been used for undergarments or as a party look. Geoffrey has combined the jock with outerwear, creating the "Jock-Jacket" to give it a sexy twist. Leather is embedded with symbols to elevate and update the classic fetish material, which is demonstrated on a bulldog-style harness. Leather chaps with revealing slashes give this fetish leather classic a grunge feel. Bodies are partially shared or covered and, most importantly, celebrated with pride.

Fabrics fall away yet stay poised and sexy as the silhouettes remained familiar. Straps are shingled and are left revealing the body with poetic movement. Garments have elastic cording for flexibility, ease, and adjustability. Others are waterproof for versatile resilience.

Effortless silhouettes serve versatile comfort. "You never know what may happen when you are up for adventure but feeling prepared and protected is essential."